Pariyur kondhathu kaliyamman temple is one of the famous and ancient one because the name of pari(king) .The no of deities available like Kondhathu kaliyamman,Amaravidanga peruman,Adhinarayanaperumal,Angalamman etc..Pariyur is one of the famous place in kongu nadu..The another name of pariyur is "Parapuri" is located by Pariyur,Gobichettipalayam,Erode(Dt).


At first people was lived at pariyur after that people migrate nearest place the name is Gobichettipalayam.The pariyur was diaster after thirteen century war.After that some people moved from that place to another place now name of that place like Vellalapalayam,Nanjagoundampalayam. After finished the war some people was stayed there itself the name of that place is pathi. Both temples are like Kondhathu kaliyamman and Sivan temple located in center of that place. It cannot be any proof when it build the temple.Perumanasemmal late P.S.Muthuvellappa gounder was wanted to develop the temple with art & culture and he did the work after seven year.The temple has many culturel work.Arulmigu kondhathu kaliyamman temple located by 240*150 s.f. West side kalyana vinayagar is located and wishes the devotees .Marriage hall is located left side of amman shirine and another enterance of temple is located near marriage hall.Water facilities available from temple well is also located inside the temple.

 News & Events  
  Kundam & Thear Festival  
   06.00 AM:Vizha pooja

   09.00 AM:Kalai sandhi pooja

   10.30 PM:Siru kalai sandhi pooja

   12.00 PM:Noon pooja

   05.00 PM:Malai kaala pooja

   07:00 PM:Artha sama pooja